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UFC 127 Confidence Pool and Betting Game Results

By Rich Hansen, MMA Torch Columnist:

It?s over. It?s ALL over.


Finally, the inept reign of the decrepit Cambo ?Rambo? Nelson is behind us. The 8 time defending Betting Champion (or was it 9, I don?t know, I don?t care anymore!!!) has been defeated. After consistently defending his victory with bad performances against challengers who were even weaker than himself, the power of Zero was just too much to overcome. Mr. (or is it Mrs.) Nelson laid a goose egg, a rotten, fetid, stinky goose egg. And as a result, our new Betting Game Champion is Mr. Nick Center. Nick not only defeated the so-called champion, but he turned a profit as well. Of course, he only got one bet correct, so let?s not start, um, well, there?s a funny movie line you can extrapolate from here.

Cambo Nelson: $0, Zilch, Nada, Bankrupt, back of the line, you?re broke, pal
$300 on Rivera for $0
$200 on Reinhardt for $0
$150 on Te-Huna for $0
$150 on Camozzi for $0
$200 parlay on Fitch, Sotiropoulos, and Lytle for $0

Nick Center: $1020
$400 on Perosh for $1020
$300 on Camozzi for $0
$200 on Jewtuszko for $0
$100 parlay on Bisping, Lytle, and Zhang for $0


The Confidence Game featured inept performances by champion and challenger as well, although neither champion nor challenger got a great big zero, Cambo. But I digress. Congratulations to the Dutchman Skarz. You scored 26 out of a possible 78 points, and prevented the aforementioned Nick Center from becoming a simultaneous dual champion, as his 25 points just wasn?t enough to dethrone you, sir. Don?t get too proud there Skarz, as only 6 players in the pool scored lower than your point total. You?re going to need to pick it up, sir!

Skarz accumulated his 26 points in the following manner: Bisping for 8, Pearson for 7, Gustafsson for 6, and Zhang for 5.

Center got his 25 points with the following picks: Bisping for 9, Gustafsson for 6, Ring for 5, Pearson for 4, and Perosh for 1. That illustrates the importance of weighting the fighters properly. Skarz picked 4 fights correctly.


UFC 127 had 36 players. Listed below are the 24 fighters on the UFC 127 card, along with a number representing how many players picked each fighter to win.

Lytle 35, Ebersole 1. Whoops
Tuchscherer 34, Hunt 2. Whoops.
Sotiropoulos 34, Siver 3. Whoops.
Gustafsson 31, Te-Huna 5. Sanity restored.
Noke 328 Camozzi 8. That?s more like it.
Jewtuszko 24, Warburton 12. Uh oh.
Ring 24, Fukuda 12. I don?t care, Fukuda won that fight.
Bisping 24, Rivera 12. 1.) They are both reprehensible. 2.) 13 of you are stooopid.
Zhang 24, Reinhardt, 12: They brought Reinhardt to lose, and he still got 12 picks?
Pearson 24, Fisher 12. I hated their fight.
Fitch 24, Penn 11. Draw, which I will address below.
Blackledge 21, Perosh 15. Meh

OK. There was a draw. For the confidence game, just like with Edgar vs. Maynard, ALL picks on Penn or Fitch in the Confidence Game are LOSING PICKS. No points are awarded for either fighter.

With no further ado, here are the results of the pool. Congratulations to Daniel Moore! Because Fitch did not win, you were able to maintain a one point lead over Dionicio Ortiz. Ortiz would have earned 10 points on a Fitch win to 5 for Moore, which would have resulted in an Ortiz victory. Better luck at UFC 128, Dionicio!

Daniel Moore: 45
Dionicio Ortiz, Shaun Godric Louis: 44
Todd Daigle: 41
Tyson Kubas: 40
Clay Burley, TJ Brown: 39
Danny Mellor: 38
clarkiefromcanada: 37
Avery Clarke, Evan Ottem: 36
Rich Hansen, Ryan Wankel: 35
Jamie Penick, Kaleb Lipinski, Mark Barrowcliffe: 34
Brent King, Kevin Seng, Matt Pelkey: 31
John Jickman, Chris Wallner, Bryan Payne: 30
Michael Roberts, lightning101: 29
Jason Binder: 28
Michael Wallen, Corry Potter: 27
Drew Rothstein: 26
Sam Berkenbile: 24
Chris Moore, Casey Vaccaro: 22
Simon: 20
Voiceinthedesert, Cambo Nelson: 18


Now let?s address the draw. All straight bets on Fitch or Penn were refunded. If you bet $50 on BJ Penn but lost all of your other bets, your total payout is $50. If you had Fitch or Penn in a 3 fighter parlay, the parlay ignores that fight and it becomes a 2 fight parlay. If you had a 2 fight parlay with either of those fighters, it becomes a straight bet on whoever was the other fighter in that parlay.

This is the part I?ve wanted to avoid. We had 40 players in the betting pool. 11 of those 40 turned a profit, and most of those profits were tiny. Interestingly, had BJ Penn and Jorge Rivera won their fights, clarkiefromcanada, who had both fighters in a parlay along with Dennis Siver, would have had a payout of more than $11,600.instead, his payout was less than his original $1000.

Another interesting tidbit on our collective suckitude is that of the 29 bettors who made parlay bets, only one person hit their parlay. Daniel Moore hit on a Warburton, Pearson, Fitch parlay. And of course, that becomes a 2-team parlay once Fitch is removed. Yuck.

That was interesting, but unimportant. What is important, though, is to announce that Tyson ?Kubi? Kubas won the Betting Game Pool, and will challenge the new champion Nick Center at UFC 128. Kubi was the only participant to more than double his investment. Good job, Kubi!

Tyson ?Kubi? Kubas: $2255
$500 on Siver for $2000
$100 on Perosh for $255

Shaun Godric Louis: $1980
$400 on Bisping for $480
$300 on Siver for $1200
$300 on Penn for $300

Daniel Moore: $1870
$500 on Warburton for $1075
$100 on Pearson for $150

Clay Burley: $1700
$500 on Penn for $500
$300 on Siver for $300

Dionicio Ortiz: $1579.29
$300 on Ring for $514.29
$300 on Perosh for $765
$200 on Pearson for $300

John Hickman: $1500
$300 on Siver for $1200
$300 on Penn for $300

Eric Labrador: $1260
$400 on Hunt for $1260

Hauser666: $1213.33
$400 on Bisping for $480
$300 on Penn for $300
$300 on Noke for $433.33

Mark Barrowcliffe: $1161.54
$500 on Fitch for $500
$200 on Gustafsson for $261.54
$100 on Siver for $400

Forrest Mize: $1031.75
$400 on Penn for $400
$200 on Noke for $288.89
$200 on Ring for $342.86

Sam Berkenbile: $1030
$200 on Hunt for $630
$300 on Siver for $400

clarkiefromcanada: $971.43
$200 on Siver for $800
$100 on Ring for $171.43

Iddy Wilson: $885.71
$400 on Ring for $685.71
$200 on Penn for $200

Danny Mellor: $833.33
$400 on Fitch for $400
$300 on Noke for $433.33

TJ Brown: $829.29
$300 on Noke for $514.29
$100 on Hunt for $315

Michael Wallen: $700
$400 on Fitch for $400
$200 on Pearson for $300

Avery Clarke: $690
$260 on Fitch for $260
$200 on Warburton for $430

Jamie Penick: $655
$400 on Fitch for $400
$100 on Perosh for $255

Evan Ottem: $642.86
$200 on Ring for $342.86
$200 on Pearson for $300

Ryan Wankel: $561.54
$300 on Penn for $300
$200 on Gustafsson for $261.54

Kevin Seng: $514.29
$300 on Ring for $514.29

Brent King: $510
$200 on Perosh for $510

Bryan Payne: $500
$200 on Pearson for $300
$200 on Penn for $200

voiceinthedesert: $465
$200 on Fisher for $265
$200 on Fitch for $200

Chris Moore: $461.54
$200 on Gustafsson for $261.54
$200 on Penn for $200

Casey Vaccaro: $430
$200 on Warburton for $430

Connor Thomas: $415
$100 on Warburton for $215
$50 on Siver for $200

Trey Witzell: $400
$400 on Penn for $400

Todd Daigle: $360
$300 on Bisping for $360

Skarz: $350
$200 on Fitch for $200
$100 on Pearson for $150

lightning101: $320
$200 on Fitch for $200
$100 on Bisping for $120

Michael Roberts: $315
$100 on Hunt for $315

Drew Rothstein: $300
$300 on Penn for $300

Jon Venecia: $250
$100 on Pearson for $150
$100 on Penn for $100

Kaleb Lipinski: $250
$250 on Fitch for $250

Chris Wallner: $200
$200 on Fitch for $200

Jason Binder: $200
$200 on Penn for $200

Rich Hansen: $50 (hanging my head in shame)
$50 on Penn for $50

Simon: $0

Matt Pelkey: $0

Performer of the Night: We have a couple of good choices this time. Kubi was the best bettor, Daniel Moore made the best picks. I give the nod to Daniel Moore, because he was very good in the bets, even though he didn?t win. Good job, you bloody wanker, or however you Brits greet each other (minus the beer and drunken barfights while debating whether Man U or Man City is best?).

Goat of the Night: Cambo, oh Cambo. How could you.


Marcus Aurelio  Mikhail Avetisyan Luiz Azeredo  Luciano Azevedo  Ba Te er 

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