Tuesday, March 1, 2011

'Bisping's a wanker' chant won't stop the Brit from relocating to Sydney after UFC 127

Michael Bisping is looking to move from Great Britain and open a new Wolfslair Gym.

Where can he move where the fans love him? You know the answer, that place doesn't exist.

Not to be harsh, but the British middleweight just rubs people the wrong way with his general disposition and trash talk before fights. Even 12,000 miles away from his home in England, he was booed lustily during his fight at UFC 110 in Sydney.

Bisping is back in the Australia's largest city and says this time he may not leave. The 31-year-old's wife is Australian and they're strongly considering making their permanent home down under.

"I might be moving Down Under but I'm not gonna kiss anyone's arse to do it," Bisping told The Telegraph of Sydney. "But for those people who wanna chant 'Bispin's a wanker', yeah, they can go and ... well, you know."

That's actually tame compared what he once said in Zoo Magazine about his last Aussie fight experience. According to The Telegraph, Bisping said:

"all Aussies can go %$#@ themselves."

Bisping didn't tone down any of his prefight rhetoric in ancitipation of his meeting with Jorge Rivera on Saturday. In fact, he appeared close to slugging the New England native during the post-presser staredown. Rivera appeared a bit shocked at Bisping's behavior and trash talk. 

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Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/-Bisping-s-a-wanker-chant-won-t-stop-the-Brit-f?urn=mma-325487

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