Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kennedy interview: Army Special Forces/MMA fighter gives insight on the bin Laden mission

There aren't many of us who understand what really went into the� Osama bin Laden kill. Tim Kennedy is one of those unique Americans who've been in the middle of an intense international man hunt. As a Special Forces Army Ranger, Kennedy served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. While awaiting his return to active duty, he's embarked on a pretty successful MMA career with Strikeforce.

Kennedy joined me on ESPN1100 in Las Vegas to give us some insight on what went down and how he feels about some people questioning the tactics of the military.

Many people were angered by the fact that bin Laden's body was dumped at sea. Americans with an eye-for-an-eye mentality certainly won't see video of the kill, and there won't be official photos to view. Kennedy doesn't understand why those things would be necessary.

"If somebody hurt my family, I wouldn't want to sit there and watch that guy executed. I would just want to know that justice was done," Kennedy said (7:45 mark).

Kennedy also countered fear-mongering media members who think bin Laden's death means the U.S. is cutting back in its pursuit of terrorists around the world.

"This isn't even the beginning of the end. This is an opportunity for us to really catch them while they're scrambling," Kennedy said. "If anything it's going to stir up more reaction and more fanatics. Right now it's just as dangerous as it's ever been."

As far as his MMA career, Kennedy reiterated that he wants a fight with Robbie Lawler. He mentioned the Fedor Emelianenko-Dan Henderson card proposed for the Chicago area in late July.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/Kennedy-interview-Army-Special-Forces-MMA-fight?urn=mma-wp1998

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