Wednesday, May 11, 2011

UFC 129 media cat fight: Toronto Sun writer not happy with dot-com MMA media

If media folks could simply duke it out, wouldn't this be a better world? Instead we use our pens, keyboards and mouths to rip and critique each other. Why not, right? We do it to the athletes, so why not crush each other?

The Toronto Sun threw a few haymakers at anonymous MMA media members by calling out the behavior of some of those covering yesterday's UFC 129 press conference:

As for the media, well, the UFC certainly attracts an interesting group of "journalists". Sure, the so-called "mainstream" media was out in force, but so too were a ton of those media outlets. You know the ones ... they interview Georges St. Pierre and then ask for his autograph.

Steve Buffery wasn't a huge fan of the delivery from some in attendance.

The mixed martial arts media do not hide the fact that they're huge fans of the sport they cover. One guy actually took the microphone and proceeded to tell Dana White how great his organization is and how intelligent the fighters all are. I can't remember if he actually asked a question.

One media lady stood by the podium taking pictures of pictures. Of course, my good buddy, Toronto Sun photographer Jack (The Scamp) Boland, then took pictures of her taking pictures.

Buffery has a point. Some of us in the MMA media are a bit too fanboy-ish at times.

That said, we could also bore you death with horror stories about members of his "mainstream" media.

I'll never forget the media center at Super Bowl 32 in San Diego. The pizza machine went on the fritz and several media members waiting in line for their FREE food, had a conniption. The pizza girl actually fled the scene crying. Nice job fellas. That was the beginning of the end for the freeloading media expecting lavish spreads at sporting event. Now many venues charge the media for pregame meals.

Don't let the mainstream media dudes fool you. There are just as many unprofessional, butt-kissing hacks running around TV, newspapers and radio stations as they are in the MMA media. Just look for the self-aggrandizing media folks on Twitter who like to update you on their latest healthy meal or even better, their� travel woes. That's a good start.

You can watch UFC 129 on PPV (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT) right here on Yahoo! Sports.


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