Friday, September 9, 2011

Diaz?s disappearance provides some of best GSP we?ve ever heard

Georges St-Pierre has grown a bit weary of the promotional/media game. Yesterday, even if it was only a momentary blip, Nick Diaz bailing from UFC 137 gave us a rare glimpse of the real GSP.

During a live press conference, where he was shocked to find out just minutes before that he wouldn't be fighting Diaz, St-Pierre came across as honest and funny.

There's only so many times you can answer questions about an upcoming fight. On top of that, GSP isn't a trash talker. As a result, he's become a little robotic over the years when it comes to his prefight work. Without time to think about his answers, St. Pierre unleashed some doozies. Check out the video mix of all the GSP answers during the bizarre one-fighter press conference.

If you missed it, Diaz decided to hold a one-man press conference in his car. It was typical Diaz. Nothing makes sense with this super-talented fighter.


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